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Pastor Glenda BraymanWelcome

We invite you to come and worship with us in a Church where everybody is family. Together we will grow in our faith, study God’s word, serve others, and experience the peace, hope, and unconditional love of knowing Jesus.

Our mission is to invite people to commit their lives to Jesus and to proclaim God’s message of love through words and deeds.  We strive to enrich our commitment by providing opportunities for inspirational worship, spiritual guidance and Christian service.

–Pastor Glenda Brayman, Senior Pastor

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Celebrating 147 years… For the Love of God!

Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church was established in 1868 by Jesse Knight, one of the first settlers in the area. His first homestead was near Tampa, but during the Civil War he moved south to the Upper Myakka Lake area. The cattle did exceptional well in Myakka but Jesse didn’t want to live inland – he preferred the coast.

He finally selected to reside in Horse & Chaise. The community got its peculiar name from a growth of timber on a promontory facing the open Gulf of Mexico. Two clumps of trees stood there and seamen coming up the coast swore that one clump looked exactly like a horse and the other exactly like a chaise. The community of Horse & Chaise was later renamed Nokomis.

Karl H. Grismer describes the Knight family’s arrival in his book “The Story of Sarasota” as follows:

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